Where To Listen To The Guitar Live?

Whether it is acoustic guitar, bass guitar, rock guitar, or even jazz guitar, this string instrument has always fascinated and will always fascinate. Present in most of our contemporary musical creations, the guitar, whether it is a folk song, or accompanied by a saxophone, is everywhere. Its presence in music festivals is, therefore totally legitimate, and legitimized by its omnipotence.

Music festivals, for their part, are on the rise. Of the 102 most important festivals in the country, almost 7 million people turned out to see their favorite artists perform! A figure which can therefore completely give way to the guitar, this musical instrument that we all love, near or far.

But while it is flamenco, bossa nova, hard rock, folk accompanied by ukulele, or even blues guitar, what are the best festivals to discover the guitar? We’re going to see it together, let’s go!

Why Go To A Festival To Discover The Guitar?

The guitar is an instrument that we all know, that speaks to us all, and whose sound is known to all of us. Why not rediscover it at a festival then?

The guitar is an instrument that manifests itself in many musical creations and other cultural works of our time. From pop songs to film scores, through television commercials, this instrument invades our daily lives, to the point where we no longer even realize it, where we no longer even notice a harmony and an instrumental.

This is the reason why festivals can be a real driving force when it comes to learning to rediscover an instrument like the folk guitar, classical guitar, or electric guitar. Indeed, through artists that we know and love (or not, the discovery of a style and a universe can be an additional reason to go to a music festival), we can then keep in mind the sound of the guitar!

Because yes, no need for a guitar teacher to learn and assimilate that this is a quality instrument, both in simple listening and live. And on stage, the guitar can do wonders, between riffs, basic chords, and fiery rhythm! A mix of styles and genres that will not leave anyone indifferent, for sure!

The stage is the place where anything is possible, where artists can give free rein to their creativity, their sense of music, and where the spectator can live in full correlation with him. It is also where a musical instrument, like the guitar, can reveal itself in a new light, through different arrangements, a successful improvisation, or even a style of music that makes it against the grain. The magic of festivals!