Why Learn The Guitar?

It’s portable, so you can play guitar anywhere. Try dragging a piano to a party … complicated, huh? However, carrying a guitar is perfect to liven up an evening. And everyone will like to listen to you.

You can play the guitar with whoever you want

You can play the guitar alone or accompanied. The guitar is one of the most versatile instruments. The guitar can be played alone or it can be used as part of a rhythm section or accompanying the voice.

You will be “cool” when you play the guitar

It looks very good. From electric to acoustic all guitars are impressive. Everyone looks like a king with a guitar tied to his body.

Express creativity

It is a great way to express your creativity. We all need a creative outlet, why not do it by playing the guitar?

It has a sexy point

A man or woman who can play the guitar is sexy. Holding, playing and caressing a guitar can be very sensual for the person who plays and, above all, for the person who watches.

Everyone will notice you

You will be the center of the party. If you play songs that everyone knows, they will love you, and if you are good at performing your own originals, they will love you even more.

This is interpreting

It is a great emotional discharge. Singing songs in the car is one thing but actually performing the music that expresses what you feel is an incredible emotional release.

It is one of the easiest instruments

It’s relatively easy to learn to play a simple song, so you quickly feel a sense of accomplishment. You can learn to play chords on the guitar without having to learn music theory. Clearly there is always room for growth, but the most popular songs are easy.

Gain confidence

It’s a confidence booster. Learning to play a pop song that you love can be done in one day. Name anything else you can master in that same time frame. Hard.

It’s fun

Play for yourself or the alphabet song for the kids, guitar is always a blast of fun!

Listening to music triggers dopamine release.

Give your brain some reason to produce its own dopamine to feel good. In addition, it is anti stress. Soothe your heart with a little music. You will instantly feel calmer and more relaxed.

It can help relieve chronic pain.

To play better, try doing some muscle relaxation before or after doing it. In addition, it helps reduce the heart rate and blood pressure. When you focus on your music, your blood pressure and heart rate drop to healthier levels. And if, in addition, you sing when you play, you will give your lungs a good workout. And you will be happy.